Best movies 1

As far as my memory is concerned, some of my favorite movies i can remember (as of now…) include:

  1. Vampire Diaries (series)
  2. The Originals (series)
  3. Merlin (series)
  4. Legend of the seeker (series)
  5. The IP man (short-movie)
  6. Persons of interest (series)
  7. Davinci Demons (series)
  8. Atlantis (series)
  9. Under the Dome (series)
  10. Touch (series)
  11. The Encounter [1 and 2] (short-movie)
  12. Undisputed [1, 2 and 3] (short-movie)
  13. My Name is Khan (Indian-short-movie)
  14. Bodyguard (Indian-short-movie)
  15. Kites (Indian-short-movie)

More list coming soon….at Best Movies 2



About Kabue Charles

I am an instigator of artistic, intelligent and mind boggling softwares. I love C#, envy C++, and one day I might try CUDA. I prefer solving complex and mission impossible problems in a new or old but innovative way. Am intrigued by machine learning challenges, security critical challenges, and privacy challenges like a real serverless peer-to-peer communication. I am usually literally stressed when a day goes by without learning or doing something new. I avoid repetition whenever possible. Away from computers, I enjoy capturing moments of life and nature with 1080 (…and above) pixel pictures and videos. I like details, accuracy, idealistic but realistic personalities. I love futurist’s but I hate fantasy. A decent, moderate and gentle character is my favorite. I avoid shame like a plague, confront my fears with facts, and I am very constant with opinions and beliefs. I love suits (…but don’t wear them), arsenal football club (…I only know the manager), and I have no favorite food. Reading and writing poems helps me retain my sobriety. I consider myself funny, privileged, a renaissance man and sometimes shy. I believe in things unseen and incomprehensible.

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