Environmental genetics

This is a personal observation, and experience…

I have come to an almost definite and profound conclusion that we, humans, including other living creatures, can and have absorb genetic characteristics from our environment to help us adapt.

Case study 1

Two girls, (one quit brown, and the other relatively dark) join the same college, they are given the same room, they become best friends, and then they are always together taking meals, walking, hiking, and do lots of other staff together. After several years, the dark girl starts to turn chocolate heading to dark-brown. Then they start looking alike in facial expressions, and several other things. The only reasonable explanation is that the dark girl must have envied to be brown, and that need and desire to fit necessitated the need for genetic change.

Case study 2

Wife and husband look alike after staying together for so long…

Case study 3

Two academically intelligent parents are very likely to give birth to an academically talented kid…

Case study 4

A young adopted son, or daughter resembles their mother or father after some years…


Case study 5

An infant can precisely identify her mother by smell.



It is very likely that a species can absorb genetic characteristics they desperately desire from their environments, and it’s also possible that a species can release genetic characteristics to the environment.




About Kabue Charles

I am an instigator of artistic, intelligent and mind boggling softwares. I love C#, envy C++, and one day I might try CUDA. I prefer solving complex and mission impossible problems in a new or old but innovative way. Am intrigued by machine learning challenges, security critical challenges, and privacy challenges like a real serverless peer-to-peer communication. I am usually literally stressed when a day goes by without learning or doing something new. I avoid repetition whenever possible. Away from computers, I enjoy capturing moments of life and nature with 1080 (…and above) pixel pictures and videos. I like details, accuracy, idealistic but realistic personalities. I love futurist’s but I hate fantasy. A decent, moderate and gentle character is my favorite. I avoid shame like a plague, confront my fears with facts, and I am very constant with opinions and beliefs. I love suits (…but don’t wear them), arsenal football club (…I only know the manager), and I have no favorite food. Reading and writing poems helps me retain my sobriety. I consider myself funny, privileged, a renaissance man and sometimes shy. I believe in things unseen and incomprehensible.

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