The Crying Angel

We cried when we said goodbye,

Our fate we sealed when we healed,

Am not bluffing, that why am laughing,

What money can’t buy we sold,

Then hate made haste,

And behold in came the cold,

Heal my memories or seal my affections,

To hide I want but to find you can,

Parallel in character parallel with fate,

You’re in my head like meds,

Like a wave of tune of you,

About Kabue Charles

As a software architect, I am specialized in .NET and JavaScript. As an entrepreneur, I invest my time, money, energy and will in creating things that will make lives better. As a philosopher, I learn about happiness, people and my environment. As a poet, I write about human transcendence. As a man, I am modest moralist, a centrist and a man of quotable quotes

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