Love what you care about,

You may never have it for long;

You envy that which is other,

Why are you jealous when others desire yours?

You want to be victor, who will be the victim?

You want to conquer, who is the conquered?

If you want to have everything,

What will everyone else have?

You want to be king, and don’t want to follow rules;

You want to be great, yet you think small;

You want magic, yet you hate fiction;

You want to be vicious, yet you act dubious;

You want her, and I want her too;


About Kabue Charles

As a software architect, I am specialized in .NET and JavaScript. As an entrepreneur, I invest my time, money, energy and will in creating things that will make lives better. As a philosopher, I learn about happiness, people and my environment. As a poet, I write about human transcendence. As a man, I am modest moralist, a centrist and a man of quotable quotes

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