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False Pretenses

Heartstring Eulogies

Mutual respect and friendship isn’t always genuine. It’s a hard lesson I’ve learned time and time again.

Sometimes all it takes is one look. A split second, and it’s all over. You see it. That flash of disgust flickering across their face. That’s when you know, it was all a lie. You wait, hoping it was wrong. That it was a trick of light.

But it didn’t take long to realize the truth, did it? “I was nothing to you,” you think. It took some processing to accept it, but if you’re being honest with yourself, that instant of distaste was enough to lose all respect for them.

I’m here to tell you that they weren’t worth it. Don’t mourn them, because they don’t deserve it. You know who you are. You are the sum of all that has happened to you, and you have come out the other side…

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If I am to dream

If I am to dream, let me dream magnificently.

Let me dream grand and lofty thoughts and ideals

That are worthy of me and my best efforts.

If I am to strive, let me strive mightily.

Let me spend myself and my very being

In a quest for that magnificent dream.

And, if I am to stumble, let me stumble but persevere.

Let me learn, grow, and expand myself to join the battle renewed –

Another day and another day and another day.

If I am to win, as I must, let me do so with honor, humility, and gratitude

For those people and things that have made winning possible

And so very sweet.

For each of us has been given life as an empty plot of ground

With four cornerstones.

These four cornerstones are the ability to dream,

The ability to strive,

The ability to stumble but persevere,

And the ability to win.

The common man sees his plot of ground as little more

Than a place to sit and ponder the things that will never be.

But the uncommon man sees his plot of ground as a castle,

A cathedral,

A place of learning and healing.

For the uncommon man understands that in these four cornerstones

The Almighty has given us anything – and everything.

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