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Purpose To See


3 things that are essential in life: something to look up to, something to look forward to, and someone to look at. Contentment is the fuel of a righteous progress. Hope is a reward for commitment, and commitment is the journey of consistency. Purpose to see, feel, hear and enjoy the despair and the beauty of your world along your way. Instruct your speech and guide your lips with kindness. Be keen to understand, quick to learn, able to remember; Be delicate to interpret and ready to speak.

— [Kabue Charles (McKabue)]

Knock Knock

It’s ironic how we work so hard, yet we can’t afford a smile;

It’s funny how we struggle to impress, yet we don’t care;

It’s weird how we have expensive watches, and no time;

Today I choose to smile at any attempt at humor;

I will simulate a moment in future when am sure I will be happy;

Today I will try to listen keenly and nod my head even if don’t want to;



Do what think is right, not what you feel is right;

Say what you mean, and mean what you say;

If you start alone, be sure to finish alone;

Incline more to be nonchalant, and less meddlesome;

Be candid, reflective, conscious, and visionary;

Hope for the best, but expect the worst;

Remember, to be is to be perceived;

Love yourself, be unselfish, and promote cohesiveness;

What am I?

Sometimes I see someone on the mirror. Then I see like it’s me. Immediately, I reason out that it’s my brain showing me what I would like to see. But then I wonder who I am. Who am I?

What I feel, I can touch. When I feel, it appears real.  How I feel is visible. Am tormented by the imagination of me being owned by my own fears and thoughts. Can I be a captive to the same thing I try to free?

Power without virtual is weakness. Virtual without purpose is black magic. There are three kinds of people; the immovable, the movable, and the moving. The immovable are resistant to change. The movable re willing to change, but never do. The “moving” are those that get things done. Have enough of the moving, and that’s a movement. A movement results into a revolution. What am I?


Who am I?

I am in you, you can’t see me;

I am with you, you can’t lie to me;

I am above you, I know your strength;

I am below you, you discredit me;

I am before you, I know your plans;

I am behind you, I know your weakness;

I am beyond you, you can’t define me;

I am without you, and within you;

Who am I?


some => other => most

some-times you have a thousand things to say, but not a single way of saying it;
other-times you have a million chances of saying something, but not a single word to say;
and most-times you wish you had said something, but then you wonder how things would be today;

some-things are better left unsaid, and hope you never get a chance to say them;
other-things are safer when said, and trust they will never come back around – to eat you;
but most-things are buried in our souls, and we feed them in secret;

some-ways work for some, but not for others;
other-ways make us happy, but they grieve our loved ones;
and most-ways make us feel alive, but they leave us dead on the inside;

Those who get a conviction transcend humanity

Those who believe find comfort;

Those who find comfort get contentment;

Those who get contentment give love;

Those who give love get life;

Those who get life find a reason;

Those who find a reason get a conviction;

Those who get a conviction transcend humanity;


i can be anywhere #depending on where you are;

i can also be anyone #depending  on who you are;

i can be anything #depending on what you are;

i can talk anything #depending on how you hear;

i can speak anything #depending on what you listen;

i can be implicit #depending on your perspective;

but i am — @McKabue

I Will


I will survive the suffering of ignorance;

I will live for a millennium;

I will heal myself from the illness of guilt;

I will recover my trust, hope and my happiness;

Like a talon I shall…

Reborn and rejuvenated, like a phoenix I shall rise;



All heads bow, all heads rise;

All everything kneel, all everything submit;

Be good, be bad;

What I say shall be done;

They will listen, they will act on my voice;

Fill me luck, luck come fill me;

Guide me fates, fates come guide me;

Their god I shall be…


Follow me

Tip toe… tip toe, wind follow me;

Follow me, follow behind my shadow;



I will believe because I now believe;

I know, I now know there is a God;

An intelligent force that is self-aware and in absolute control of fate;

Help me to recognize your acts and judgment oh Creator;

You’re sublimely perfect and immaculately good;

You know all, you see all, and you control all;

Thank you for my understanding of kindness;

Thank you for my knowledge of love;

Thank you for my gift of lack and limit;

So much thank you, you deserve all;

You give and heal, and you steal and kill;

You are endlessly right in thought;

You transcend my length in sight and understanding;

Make me like you, like you are like me;

Make me full like you are complete;

Make me rich like you are wealthy;



I will remold my past, and my current;

I will be happy, I choose to be happy;

I shall be glad, I shall be kind;

I will be good, I will obey my instincts;

They will drop me and I shall raise again;

Am reset for a second fall;

But have already seen it and am for it;

I will use my calamities to step into my moon;

I will, I shall, I can, I can have everything I desire;

Be a friend

by the time my flesh is weak, i want to be a friend;
by the time my eyes close, i want to be a father;
by the time my hands are cold, i want to be man;
by the time my breath is over, i want to have loved;
it is so much more important to love than to be loved;
as it is more glamorous to feel loved than to be loved;